Friday, 26 July 2013

Gundanium Gossip: Latest news from Bandai

Yep, it is time for some Gundam related news posted on the official Bandai Shokugan page yesterday.

Assault Kingdom 3 : With the second special package in the Assault Kingdom series (the Black Tri-Star Zaku II triple-pack) just a few days from being released the third installment in the regular line has been revealed. If you were hoping for more non-hero mobile suits (like yours truly...) you'll have to make do with some more Gundams, this time mostly from the Seed-series. The figures come on white action base pieces which assemble into the gigantic Zaft METEOR support system. Scheduled release is October 2013.

Gundam Converge SP Qubeley : With the eleventh wave in the Gundam Converge series out since a couple of weeks we are already waiting for the twelfth set of standard figures (due September 2013) as well as the fourth special package (SP 04, due August 2013). Bandai have now added another special package to the list, which currently goes under the name SP Qubeley. Unsurprisingly, the set contains three Qubeleys; two regular AMX-004s as well as a grey AMX-004G. The set is expected to be released in October 2013.

Operation Revive: Voting in the second round of the Converge Revive mission has just started. Among the contestants in the first round the Hyaku-Shiki dominated the poll, followed by the several older Gundams; the Nu Gundam, Exia, RX-78-2 and the G-3. For the second round the top 30 mobile suits remain in the competition.

Lastly, the Bandai page also plugs what appears to be a reference book published by Kadokawa about all the figures that have appeared in the Converge line. Presumably (read: hopefully) this will also include information on oddball rarities. The most interesting thing about this announcement is that it depicts a Converge Rick Dom in Char Aznable's red livery, perhaps something we can look forward to in a later wave this year (please don't tell me it was released as a ridiculously difficult to find rarity a long time ago...).

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