Monday, 26 August 2013

Gundanium Gossip : Latest news from Bandai

Bandai has just announced that the NZ-666 Kshattriya is coming to the Converge line in December this year. The model will be sold under the same designation as used in the Assault Kingdom series, EX01, which represents the first in a series of high-end figures for Converge. The figure will apparently feature alternative and optional parts which can be used to tweak the appearance of the figure into the Kshattriya Besserung version, which is a promising turn for Converge line.

Meanwhile the online vote for the Revive mission continues into its third and last phase. Bandai webpage users have been encouraged to vote on which historical Converge figures they would like to see reissued, and now the vote has taken the list down to ten figures, out of which five will be selected. You need to be a registered user if you wish to take part in the vote.

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