Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Messenger From Axis

The sixteenth and last mini-figure of the upcoming Mini Kit Collection has been revealed, just a few days prior to the scheduled release, and I am pretty excited about it. The Gate of Zedan is now getting a nice counterpoint in the Axis asteroid base. I can't believe how fortunate we are to be getting these two models! Miniature wargamers will now have two awesome map pieces ready for pick up right here. Together with the SD Colony miniature (or the larger and more detailed Takara Royal Museum of Science Island Type 3 mini) we will now be able to build some really interesting space battlefields.

It remains to be seen just how feasible it will be for us outsiders to grab hold of the mini kit figures we actually want. The first wave of figures is huge with sixteen different kits, each with two colour variations (previews have showcased transparent figures but I've seen no confirmation that this applies to all of them). A couple of sellers have begun selling these by the box, which means 12 random figures (will there be duplicates in these boxes, mot likely yes...) for about 45-50 USD which doesn't seem all that appealing. Hopefully some sellers will begin to split up the box contents too. Who knows how many Acguys there will be in each box... : )

June 28 also sees the release of the might Gundam Converge Neue Ziel and the pricy weapon kit for it also seems to have been made available to go with it. Exciting and expensive days ahead as June draws to a close.

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