Friday, 18 November 2016

Ain't it dead yet?

Well, well, well... it seems Bandai are still kicking the corpse. A rather surprising announcement made on the Bandai shokugan page today, we are actually getting a new Assault Kingdom figure. Now, before anyone works up too much excitement let's be clear about a couple of things. One, it is a reworked Assault Kingdom ZZ Gundam and two, it will be sold as a Premium Bandai exclusive only, so forget the regular retail channels.

Still, we are getting a new Assault Kingdom figure and I think that is worthy of a little bit of celebration after all. The irony is that I have already purchased a second ZZ Gundam figure which I planned to have repainted into FAZZ colours myself, so it seems I might not have to go down that route now.

The Assault Kingdom FAZZ is scheduled for release in March next year with a price tag of ¥1800. The retail ZZ Gundam which it is based on sold for ¥3200 but that also included the Mega-Rider. So, not too shabby.

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