Friday, 10 March 2017

CORE wa kore wa, ano mobiru sutu...

Oh boy, somebody is kicking the corpse again. Big time...
If you worried about not having enough premium Shokugan figures to buy this year Bandai and Fusion Works have some good news for you. The crew has been down to the labs at Mendel Colony and decided to resurrect the STANDart brand from its two years of defunct slumber in some liquid filled vat. Naturally the team looked for a cheap way to maximize profits and they settled for picking one of the two pricey premium figures and put some new colours and decals on it. Et VoilĂ ; STANDart CORE is born!

The COREd out Ex-S Gundam is planned for release in July 2017, two and a half years after the STANDart brand was laid to rest. The figure will be a P-Bandai release with a planned price of ¥4167. Considering that the original figure went for ¥3600 back in 2014 it isn't that bad of a mark-up though. Perhaps good news for STANDart collectors who still haven't managed to snag the first edition of this rather popular mobile suit.

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