Thursday, 9 March 2017

Introducing GKassiday...

Howdy Gundanium Visitors!!!

My name is GKassiday and I thought I'd waste your time for a moment and introduce myself as I am going to be posting some reviews along side Sgt. Shokugan in the not too distant future. Unlike the Sgt. who found Gundam through shokugan, I found my obsession with tiny plastic candy toys through Gundam.

A child of the 90's I obsessed over Toonami and Wing Gundam, never really understanding what I was watching or what the plot was. All I knew was that I loved giant robots fighting and God Gundam's burning rage was the best thing to watch on VHS tapes rented from Blockbuster!

Over the years I lost track of this passion until around 2014 when walking through a Barnes and Noble I saw the most adorable/awesome looking Gundam I had ever seen. I bought that Converge figure on the spot and unfortunately re-ignited a passion for giant robot violence that I have not been able to quench. Since then I have been a fairly steady collector of Converge, focusing on Zeonic suits, and have caught up on all the Gundam series I missed/never knew about. Being an "adult" with a disposable income I can now buy all the dumb stuff my parents rightfully denied me.

Having depended on this site for a long time to help with my own collecting (and wanting to contribute something) Sgt. Shokugan has graciously allowed me to help out by reviewing some of the new FW SD Gundam Neo figures. It being a completely new series I decided to hop on early in hopes of having a 100% collection; we'll see how that goes. Do not fret, Sgt. Shokugan will continue to do his amazing reviews of Converge, Universal Unit, and whatever else he sees fit. As no one could ever replace the awesome work he does, I will only be covering this new series. I hope you enjoy my reviews and I look forward to reading your comments.

I'll be seeing you around!


  1. Indeed, welcome aboard. It feels good to have someone watch my back, there are too many tempting collectables out there. I see the random Converge-in-shop ambush claimed another victim here. Of course -as I explained to wifey at the time- I was just going to pick up those two we encountered because, well they looked cute... nothing serious about that. "Hmmm... I wonder why this one has a large number 59 on the box..."

  2. Ha, it looks like my Goufs have arrived safely. : P

  3. Thanks for the kind words Sgt. Shokugan! And yes fphsiu your Goufs got here safely and are an exceptional addition to my collection :P And Daniel thanks for the support, I wont let ya down!