Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Gundam Converge 62 : MS-09R Rick Dom

The Zeon Rick Dom recently appeared as the last figure of the tenth wave of the Converge line in March 2013. This is also the secret figure of the wave and here is a closer inspection of how the two compare. It is not terribly exciting really, while the standard Rick Dom is armed with a giant bazooka the hidden version comes with the larger beam bazooka instead. Both figures feature the heat saber snapped to the back. Considering how Char Aznable pilots a red Rick Dom with a beam bazooka it just seems a missed opportunity not to make the secret version red. Hopefully there will appear such a Char colour-conversion in a future wave.

As usual with most items in the Converge line, the weapon of choice is attached directly to the hand and no optional hand is given, so your figure will stay equipped. Due to the shape of the shoulder armour care should be taken to position the hand and bazooka so that the weapon does not get bent over time, while resting on the figure's shoulder. The arms plug into sockets in the torso and I noticed that the shoulders were a bit loose on both Rick Doms when compared to other Converge items, but the figures still didn't have any issues with retaining a pose.

Given that the figure is a further development of the MS-09 Dom the two resemble each other very closely. As for articulation the head sits firmly in place, but you can rotate both arms at the shoulder, and the right hand rotates at the wrist. Not too exciting. The great failed opportunity here is not allowing the Doms to wield their heat sabers. It wouldn't exactly have been too difficult to offer a lefthand fist grip where the saber could have been inserted.

As you can see in the comparison figures between the Rick Dom (left) and the Dom (right) the major differences are the colours, the Rick Doms are more blue than violet, and they also have a slightly larger skirt... Still, the iconic Doms are both excellent additions to the Converge line but you may find that one of them is enough for your collection.

Update: Extended Converge Dom line-up. From left to right; figure 32. MS-09 Dom, figure 62. MS-09R Rick Dom (standard version), figure 62. MS-09R Rick Dom (secret version) and the MS-09 Dom from the Operation Jaburo 8-figure multipack.

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