Thursday, 13 June 2013

Gundam STANDart vol. 17

Volume seventeen in the now long running STANDart series appeared in April 2013 and has an excellent mix of units and allegiances.It follows the tried and tested formula of four mobile suits out of which two are slight variations on the same, in this case it is the Marasai that gets cloned. Comparing to the older STANDart sets these figures now come in the typical blisters but also wrapped in additional plastic bags. So, what do we find inside the boxes?

064 : First out is the XXXG-01W Wing Gundam as depicted in the Endless Waltz sequel movie. Please note that the photos below are not to scale, the Gundam is shorter than the Sinanju and definitely more petite than the sturdy Marasais. The figure has a small assembly on its back where the wings are attached. The wings themselves do not adjust in any way and the figure has no weapons in its hands so its appearance is really static. Due to the weight of the large wings Fusion Works have seen it fit to include a small support in transparent plastic which can be placed behind its back for extra balance, though the figure can also stand without it though balancing a bit on its heels. For being a "white Gundam" is is really a beautiful and colourful model.

065 : The tall and imposing MSN-06S Sinanju Stein prototype from Anaheim Electronics comes in two tone gray livery with some striking details in red and metallic. An attractive multi-coloured shield attaches to its left wrist and its powerful looking high beam rifle can be placed in the figures clenched right hand fist. The model also has a neat looking flightpack with external propellant tanks that attach to it. Again, the figure doesn't do much, the arms rotate at the shoulder and the righthand wrist can also be adjusted. An awesome looking mobile suit that should feature in any STANDart collection!

066 : The first of the two RMS-108 Marasai is the orange/red version belonging to the Titans. It sports a short beam rifle which can be attached to its hand and a two-panel shield which is attached to the shoulder. The figure has many attractive details including green tubes, metallic details and a yellow Titans logo on the shield. In comparison the beam rifle looks quite unspectacular, like it belonged to a lesser quality figure. Modders will probably want to give the rifle a metallic coating and spice it up with some detail as it looks really bland. The figure itself though is absolutely awesome and another easy recommendation.

067 : Last of the lot is the alternate version of the RMS-108 Marasai belonging to some Neo Zeon faction. The figure comes in two-tone green livery with some metallic details and orange tubes (perhaps as a nod to the Titans version which reverses these colours). Apart from the shoulder shield which is decorated with a yellow Zeon insignia this figure instead carries the highpowered Feyadeen rifle, which is taller than the figure itself. It is not entirely clear just exactly how the figure is to hold this weapon. The right hand has two small indentions, one at the top and one at the bottom, which seems to indicate that the weapon should be clipped on to the hand. Looking quite fragile though I avoid messing with it and just allow it to hang freely under its arm which seems to work well enough. In the photo below I have cheated by leaning it against the figure's hand giving the impression it is being held. Still, this is another great figure that I would recommend for the collection, all in all the STANDart 17 series is really impressive looking.

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