Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Introducing Sgt. Shokugan...

The Gundanium Gateway blog was created on a whim as it seemed a good idea to offer some insights into some of the mysteries that I didn't really find the answers to until I held the particular figures in my hands. It seems much easier to find detailed information on the larger kits and models with their confusing MG, RG, MSIA abbreviations thrown around everywhere. This blog is instead focusing on some of the smaller and cheaper product lines that I have myself taken to heart.

I picked up my first Converge figures while shopping for gifts for a friend in Hong Kong in April 2013. Up until that point I had had no particular interest in the Gundam sagas at all. Seeing the two little models on the shelf at the local Okashi Land candy shop just got my attention and the fact that the little boxes came with big numbers indicating a large collectable series mean something OCD-related snapped in my head I guess.

So... when the wife and I happened on another Okashi Land shop a day later I just had to go and check it out. It turned out they had two models from the previous wave and thus the damage was done...

April 2013. Damn you Okashi Land, look what you started... Oh, and if anyone wonders, the Converge models that I picked up brand new in Hong Kong were sold individually at hk$ 35.00 a piece, and the larger Assault Kingdom model was sold for hk$ 38.00.

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