Friday, 14 June 2013

Ultimate Operation : Advance Of Z RGM-79C GM Type-C

Here's an oddity based on the regular RGM-79C of the FW Ultimate Operation line. It appears to have been included with an issue of the Dengeki Hobby magazine in 2003 (different Internet sources suggest September or December). I don't know much about this item, it surfaced as a non-expensive item on eBay and with the attractive Titans-colouring it looked quite neat so I decided to grab it. Years sealed in the cardboard box hasn't done it any favours though, the whole kit has a nice smell of mildew about it so he'll be out to catch a breath of fresh air for a couple of days.

As can be seen above, the figure comes in a plastic blister sealed in a plastic bag. This was then plonked into a very oversized sturdy cardboard box which at least might be useful for storing any additional unboxed items or spare parts you have acquired...

As is the case with many FWUO items the figure comes in a great looking pose. Articulation is limited to the head turning a bit, and the arms rotating underneath the shoulder armor (i.e. .horizontally rather than vertically). I'm not sure if it is the years spent in neglect inside its box that has caused it, but my figure does not place both its feet solidly into the ground and so has a strong urge to fall on his nose. With its lively Titans colour scheme full of little details and logos though, this figure must be considered really attractive and worth to keep an eye out for.

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