Thursday, 4 July 2013

Gundam Converge : Crossbone Gundam X-0 (Gundam Ace magazine promo)

Now here's something absolutely essential for dare I say almost any Converge fan. With Gundam Converge volume 11 released in the end of June 2013 this figure appeared shortly thereafter. Intended to go with the Gundam Ace magazine the X-0 Gundam began popping up online in the last few days of June, even though the box print reads August 2013

While the two Crossbone Gundams X-1 and X-2 were great figures of the eleventh round of Converge, the promotional X-0 easily outshines both of them. With a glossy metallic appearance and an attractive colour scheme this figure also gets a cool crossbow which looks much better than the measly weapons that shipped with its two brethren.

As with some previous  promotional items the X-0 Crossbone comes in the standard Converge plastic bag folded into an oversized cardboard box. No gum was included, so technically this is not a shokugan figure I suppose. As you can see from the pictures there are only a few pieces to assemble, the engineering solution of the crossbow being particularily elegant.

Once assembled though, the figure doesn't do much. You can rotate the heads and shoulders, and the hand holding the crossbow can be tilted (since it is part of the weapon and not the arm). If you have more than one of the Crossbone Gundams I suppose you can trick them out and mix and match a bit for some mild entertainment.

If you only plan to get one of the Converge Crossbones, the X-0 is the one to get. At the time of writing it is readily available on eBay but probably not for long, so best not to wait for too long if you would like to get your own.


  1. wow - I'm sorry i missed this one

  2. Keep an eye out on eBay; it pops up there every now and then. It is still fairly new so the prices haven't gone insane just yet.