Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Gundam Converge 64 : RMS-099 Rick Dias

In this post we will take a closer look at figure 64 of Converge volume 11, which is the one which got a secret makeover in this set. These figures were released in June 2013 and the secret version is a simple colour variation where the regular version of the figure is bright red, brown and gray, and the secret version black and gray. Gundam lore tells us that early units were painted black but that the A.E.U.G. later switched to a red colour scheme. Thus, the only difference between the two figures is the colouring.

Each figure comes equipped with a large clay bazooka which goes over the right shoulder, as is typical for Gundam Converge figures. What is not so common though, is that the hand is not moulded directly onto the bazooka. Instead, the bazooka has a handle which can be slid into the figure's right hand. There is no corresponding opening in the figure's left hand. Apart from the bazooka the mobile suit also has two beam pistols which are stored on the figures backpack and are not intended for use.

However, it is possible to tweak the appearance of your Rick Dias in a way not intended by Bandai. Due to the figure's bulky backpack and body, it is possible to slide in the clay bazooka under the backpack and lock it in place with one of the arms. This simulates the way several Gundams would carry their bazooka on the back when not in use. I have no idea if the Rick Dias was actually capable of this in the show, but it makes for some nice display variation.

Thanks to the fact that the hand is not molded to the bazooka you can also fit one of the beam pistols in the figure's right hand as alternative armament, something very rare for a Gundam Converge figure. If only Bandai would have prepared the left hand for weapons use as well, this would have made a dual wielding of the guns possible and attractive.

Comparing the Converge Rick Dias with the much more detailed versions from the Ultimate Operation series, released in September 2005.
The Rick Dias figure has very limited articulation. When equipped with the clay bazooka the arm cannot be raised that much as the bazooka will bump into the backpack. The head has some very limited side to side movement, 20 degrees or so in total. And with the hands molded directly into the arms they of course also not move. Still, the RMS-099 is a great army builder and a welcome break from all the Gundams, and I can recommend it to all Converge collectors.


  1. Excuse me, I have a number of these from 63-68. I have been trying to price them correctly for awhile now. Would you be able to offer me any advice regarding where I can find a current price for these? I've seen some sold on Ebay, but not all of them, and it's stifling my ability to sort my collection.

    1. I'm not aware of any collectors price reference guides for Converge figures. In general I'd say figures in volume 11 are not very hard to come by and domestic secondhand prices in Japan will probably hover around ¥400-500. On eBay I'd expect to see prices in the $10.00 range, perhaps a bit more for the black Rick Dias.

    2. Thank you very much for your input. I am glad I came across this site some time ago. You offer an array of knowledge I'd not been able to find anywhere else, and it has made figuring out what I have and do not have much less difficult.