Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Gundanium Gossip: Latest news from Bandai

Bandai have unveiled the final results of the multi-tier elections for the Operation Revive campaign, which will bring back into production the users' choice of now discontinued Converge figures. Above you can see the five figures which got the honour, the Jegan managed to fight its way into one of the last slots but other than that you can see a range of various high-profile Gundams which were released in the early waves of the product line. Just to make sure the serious collectors won't pass up this set Bandai have tweaked all the figures with more detail and alternate weapons loadouts, and of course most obviously they added a new figure, the RX-93-v2 Hi-Nu Gundam. Expect to see this set released in February 2014.

There is more excitement on the Converge front. The thirteenth set has also just been announced and compared to the seemingly lacklustre twelfth set (I might change my opinion once I see it), number thirteen looks to be really spectacular. Just look at that line-up! Converge 13 is scheduled to hit the market in December 2013.

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