Monday, 9 September 2013

Gundam Converge 54 : MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom

It is time for a closer look on the secret figure of Gundam Converge volume 9, which is a variant of the already great looking Gouf Custom. The figures appeared in the last set of the year, in December 2012. The Gouf Custom is basically an improved Gouf, which does away with its fixed weapons for a more flexible approach. This is reflected nicely in the two versions of the Gouf Customs that appear in the Converge line.

Where the standard figure comes with a type D III heat sword and a wrist-mounted triple barrel-machine gun, the secret verison does away with the blade and instead equips a Gatling Shield, which houses a 75 mm gatling gun and a large ammo drum. Thus you end up with two Goufs equipped with very different loadouts that nicely sets them apart.

The image above illustrates a combination of all different parts available from both versions of the Gouf Custom figure. The components that differ between the two versions are the two types of right hand, and the three part assembly which makes up the Gatling Shield. Notice also how the helmet can be removed allowing for the doughnut-shaped monoeye-piece to be rotated on its peg. The figures come with a plastic support but are generally sturdy on their feet. There is, of course, also the classic shokugan chewing gum in the box.

As for articulation, the Gouf Customs feature a somewhat limited range here. The arms rotate at the shoulder and the right hand rotates in its socket, while the left hand is molded as part of the left arm. Although the monoeye can be adjusted the head sits firmly facing forward which is common for all the Goufs and Zakus in the Converge line. However, it is possible to come up with a wide range of heat sword wielding poses, from stabbing to defensive blocking moves which enlivens the figure a great deal.

The secret version shield attaches with a peg onto the figure's left wrist, on top of the machine gun assembly. If you want to make the figure even more formidable you can replace the empty right hand of the secret version figure with the heat sword hand of the standard version. Suddenly you have one very stealthy figure and one tanking powerhouse at the ready. This level of customization is excellent for Converge and I wish there were more optionals like this in the whole figure range.

Converge line up of Goufs. From left to right: Jaburo multipack Gouf (December 2012), the standard Gouf (volume 2, released January 2011) and the basic and secret version of the Gouf Custom (volume 9, released December 2012).
In conclusion the Gouf Custom is a great figure for the Converge line, and the two versions are a good start to an army. The nice colour scheme also breathes life into the collection and their bright colours make them stand out nicely even in a larger group.

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