Friday, 11 October 2013

Gundam Converge 13 + 14 : RX-93 Nu Gundam

This time we take a closer look at the iconic Nu Gundam as it appears in the Gundam Converge line. The two figures were the first two in the third wave which appeared back in July 2011. The two figures complement each other in that they combine to create a "fully equipped version". This questionable quirk was also present in the STANDart line, where the two figures again occupied to slots in the series, so that us poor collectors ended up having to buy two chassis only to combine the extras into one. It does smell a bit like a petty marketing ploy, but is not entirely without merit, as we shall see.

First of all, the two chassis aren't actually perfectly identical across the two models. They *do* have different logos on their respective left shoulder armour, so if you get kicks out of this you'll be pleased to see the two different versions made.

Apart from that, the two versions are actually very good looking in their own right, they are two very balanced figures and make it possible to display different loadouts side by side, so it is not an entirely bad idea by Bandai. There's not a whole lot to say about the two figure's articulation. You can rotate the arms at the shoulder, and the right hand swivels as usual. The figure's head sits on a shaped peg which sadly prohibits turning the head which is something I wish to see permanently banned on all further Converge figures.

Above you can see the various unique components available in both sets. As is evident, there are a couple of subtle differences on some of the bodyparts. Now the fun part begins though. You can mix and match pieces to create a loadout of your choosing. This is the really fun thing about the few Converge figures that actually allow for some equipment tweaks.

Now we're getting somewhere. One of the figures has equipped itself with the beam rifle and the shield, slung the bazooka on its back and spread a nice funnel fin. With the leftover pieces the second figure goes for an unarmed and sleek appearance, though the right-hand triggerfinger does seem a bit itchy...

Now, let's add one more variable to the mix. Remember how I moaned about Bandai ought to have released a "complete" figure with all the parts in just one box? Well they did... but not in the standard line. In fact, just one month after the appearance of the Nu Gundam, in August 2011 it again hit the shelves. This time it was known as the "Fully Equipped version" packed together with the MSN-04 Sazabi in the first of the double figure sets in the SP-range, SP01.

If the idea of doing the Nu Gundam as the two figures 13 and 14 was bad, the re-release just once month later together with one of the most iconic figures in the Gundam universe was just downright evil. Especially since there was no other way to get the Sazabi, it has never been featured as a stand alone Converge figure. As a collector arriving late to the party I don't mind, but I can imagine there were a couple of buyers that ended up having to purchase more RX-93 than they had originally intended.

The story doesn't end there either. Stay tuned now for the coming "Operation Revive" reissue which will take place in the beginning of 2014. The Nu Gundam was voted as one of the top "bring 'em back"-figures so apparently the thirst for this now hard to find figure isn't yet filled. Unlike the two releases from 2011 (which vary only in colour), the 2014 version will feature a beam rifle only, but will come with two fully deployed fin funnels which will be a welcome edition to the collection. As for the older figures, I recommend you seek out the SP01 pack and only bother with the loose figures if you are a set completor.

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