Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Report: Bandai planning a Converge extravaganza?

Well, Google Translate can only take you so far, but it is clear that the team over at Fusion Works have something unusual in store for Converge later this year. The announcement for volume 20 is on the way, and they also mumble about something they refer to as a Gundam Converge 8, which seems to indicate something coming up in August. Don't take it from yours truly, head on over to the Shokugan page and take a look yourselves.


So far we have a ghostly silhouette image of two coming Mobile Suits, the MS on the left does look very much like the Titans PMX-003 The O, but what about the one on the right? More information is to be announced on the 20th so let's see what will follow. For now, I will be a loyal sheep and simply spread the word.


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