Monday, 20 April 2015

The latest Converge news from Bandai

Alright so the day of the big announcement came, I followed my bookmark to the Bandai Shokugan page with not a little bit of anticipation.... and what did I see? Not one but two new announcements.

First of all, the shadow figures hinted at were revealed in full colour. It turns out it was simply a new SP set, but yeah, it looks really nice. The O promises to be an awesome new figure, and a bland Zeta reissue was avoided by making this figure transformable so that you can display it in the mobile armor Waverider mode. Looks quite interesting, expected release is September 2015 and the suggested retail price is 2200 yen.

Now, as for the hyped April 20 announcement, it was a total letdown. Bandai are opening a new Converge figure line called CORE. And guess what; it promises to deliver expensive reworkings of things you've seen before...

The first Core figures to be presented are none other than the MSA-0011 (previously released as Converge no. 75)  and the 00 Gundam + 0 Raiser (previously released as figures 51 and 52). Two new reissues at 1400 and 2200 yen respectively. Yeah, and you get some stickers and improved paint apps. Whoopdeedo... rather lackluster figures for Converge veterans, though they should promise to be of more interest for those who are yet to source the original figures for their collections.

Core debuts in August 2015 and it remains unclear (to me at least) if this is to be a Bandai exclusive thing or if the Core figures will also make it to the regular distribution network.

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