Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Art Of Gold

The exhibition The Art of Gundam, held last summer in Osaka is on again, this time in Tokyo. Beside the displaying of artwork from the Gundam legacy, advance movie screenings and such, there will of course be a lot of exclusive collectors items to celebrate the occasion. Last year for example, we saw a pair of nicely detailed Converge Realtype Color figures, a stunt that is being repeated in Tokyo as well.

This year's figures are the rather obscure Converge items G-3 Gundam and Char's Rickdom, figures that saw their only release as components to the rather disappointing Converge (Not so) Complete Book. These are bound to sell out quickly, so locate your pair as quickly as possible.

As with some other limited items, Bandai does not mention the G-3 and Rick Dom duo on their Shokugan page, but when it comes to their other Converge exclusive they have been banging the drum all the more. And I kind of have to understand them on that, when's the last time you had an opportunity to own an RX-78-2 made of gold?

If you thought that Converge has been going upmarket over the years, nothing will have prepared you for this obscene extravaganza. Gunpla has never been considered a cheap hobby, but this time Bandai want us to spare no expense for sure... A small comfort then that the gold price has just hit a new low, back to 2010 levels, is it a way to get your gold into the market and make a quick buck?

If you are feeling less spendy why not go for the budget alternative? The silver RX-78-2 Gundam weighs in at onehundred and twenty grams of French 1st Standard, and it comes at a moderately suggested price of 270 000 yen, or 675 standard Converge figures.

However, if you need something to really brag about at the gentleman's club, you'll know that nothing below 24k will do for you. Luckily, Bandai have this 220g looker ready to ship, yours at a measly 3 780 000 yen, or 9 450 standard Converge figures.

What are you waiting for?

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