Friday, 21 August 2015

The Latest News: Converge Reboot

I usually don't post much in the way of Gundam news on this blog, however yesterday's announcement that Bandai and FW are rebooting the Converge line warrants a bit of attention.

As you can see in this collage of images from the official Bandai announcement on the Shokugan website, the five year Converge anniversary will see a reboot of the figure line. Exactly what this means is not fully clear to me, but I would expect that we will see many of the previously released figures returning in upgraded versions (the price has also been "upgraded" to ¥500...).

The first line-up of course looks amazing, and I just hope that Converge will continue to deliver new exciting mobile suits (such as the pictured Gerbera Tetra and the GP04) and not spend too much resources on reissuing all the usual suspects all over again.

Gundam Converge #01 is expected in December 2015.

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