Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Gundam Converge : UC Ace Vol. 3 Magazine RX-0 Unicorn Gundam

Well, hello there little fellow. Haven't we met before? I have this distinct memory I saw you in a recent Converge release, and one before that, and one...

In the typical backwards world that is Gundam toys, you can't take one step without stumbling on a preciously rare and top performing Gundam mobile suit whereas the low performing mass produced machines -that exist in the stories purely to be turned into mince meat- are nowhere to be found.

Today's mini review will be a quick look on one of the bazillion versions of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. This particular figure was still rather fresh at the time of its release though, having only been preceded by one previous figure. This particular item was a promotional figure tied to the third issue of the Gundam ACE magazine, and was released in the end of 2011. Its claim to fame (apart form being a limited edition item in itself) is a layer of pearl coating.

As you can see from the above and below pictures this is a fairly standard Unicorn Gundam figure. You get the basic accessories and articulation which we have by now come to expect out of a basic Converge figure.

The pearl coating effect is really nice and the green eyes have also been given a nice and shiny appearance although this can be hard to see because of this figure's penchant for leaning forward. We've seen some of these Unicorns so eager to stoop forward that the only way to keep them on their feet has been to use the Beam Rifle (or that dull base which clips to the ankles) as an additional support. No such problems on this particular figure though.

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam lineage. To the left we have the originalRX-0 from Converge vol. 2 (released January 2011), in the middle stands the (also) pearl coated RX-0 from the Overseas Only triple pack from 2012, and to the right we have the most detailed version, the UC ACE figure from December 2011.

The pearl coating was apparently popular enough to be reused when the RX-0 was reissued in the "Converge Limited (Overseas Only)" triple pack in 2012, which saw it rebundled with a Jesta and a delta Plus, both of which had also had their colours upgraded. The UC ACE version of this figure is easily recognized through the additional colouring on its shield which was not added on the 2012 version.

To make this short review a bit more interesting I am including the line-up of cardboard box promo figures thus far released in the Converge line:

Promotional figures in similar boxes: Char's Zaku II with machine gun (Dengeki Hobby Magazine August, 2011), the pearl-coated RX-0 (UC Ace Vol 3, December 2011), the Banshee (Unicorn Mode) again from Dengeki Hobby Magazine (July 2012) and the X-0 Crossbone Gundam Ghost which came with Gundam Ace magazine in June 2013.

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