Thursday, 9 June 2016

Gundam Converge : Char's Zaku II (The Origin III Advance Screening Promo Item)

Today we're taking a look at one of the more rare birds of the recent Converge output. Although I don't know the full details regarding the release I do know it was given/distributed/offered to ticket holders for the advance screening of the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Part III. Bandai did something similar for episode seven of Unicorn a couple of years ago, which featured a semi-transparent RX-0 Unicorn (review here).

As a Japan-only item outside of regular distribution you can expect this figure to become preciously rare (if it isn't already). I managed to grab this particular figure from a seller in Japan who wanted ¥4000 for it, which although painful I paid up immediately because this sucker will be showing up at the secondhand market later on, then maybe at a price around I guess 60-80 USD. And here I was thinking candy toys were supposed to be cheap and accessible...

As you can see from the images this figure is Char's MS-06S Zaku II, in its MSG The Origin version, which has a meatier look than the UC 0079 variant which we have seen before in Converge. The figure comes as a special metallic colour version of the recent Converge #02 figure.

The original figure was released about month earlier in Converge #02 in March 2016. The original figure actually came in two different versions with different equipment sets, which have been combined for this particular "Full Weapon" variant. As you can see from the component picture above, the rifle and heat hawk from figure 127 were packaged in a separate bag which was then inserted into the main bag of figure 128.

I'm not going to go into a whole lot of detail for this review, as I just completed a detailed look on this figure in the Converge #02 review the other week (review here). This figure is after all a simple if beautiful repaint. the other novelty is a small Zeonic emblem on the chest and the Origin blurb on the base (which I am not particularly fond of). As usual, the base is optional with this figure.

I thought the original version of Char's Origin Zaku II was pretty striking, but it kind of pales in comparison when placed next to the promo version. It is such a crime to collectors to make rare figures like these. Having said that though, the standard figure is more than excellent in its own right, and still a damned fine Converge figure.

Another thing I find highly interesting regarding this promo version of the Zaku II (and one which I moaned about in the review of Converge #02) is that the "Full Weapon" version fits nicely in a standard Converge box. It would have been perfectly doable for Bandai to release figures 127 and 128 as one complete item, without messing with us collectors forcing us two buy two. I thought we agreed that the lousy practice of putting a rifle in one box and a bazooka in a secret version was a thing of the past now that Converge did away with its secret figure concept.

So, should you get the Full Weapon Zaku II? Well, if you are a casual collector or want to spend your preciously hard-earned money on something else than overpriced rarities, the answer is you can safely skip it. You are not getting anything new in this box save for some glossy paint applications. Perhaps you can try repainting your regular figure in metallic colours (I'm pretty sure most of you already own both standard figures anyway...). For hardcore collectors the advice is the direct opposite; if you see it, grab it! This thing will not be easy to find, now or later (although it is not completely unlikely that another could be reissued as part of an Overseas Only limited edition box or similar).


  1. Tried scouring the internet for it as soon as you dropped this one. Cant find anything. :(

  2. I just put one on eBay. Search for item #162100285810. I have more for sale...