Friday, 8 July 2016

Universal Unit wave 2 revealed

Today Bandai revealed the autumn's releases for the up and coming Assault Kingdom replacement; Universal Unit. And it is a pretty impressive line-up at that. The initial wave seems a little lackluster, a couple of the usual suspects and some horribly overpriced extra large figures. Wave two seems more grounded in more reasonably priced figures, your average standard figure will cost ¥500 with the premium GX-Bit set coming in at ¥1200 and the Z'Gok-E at ¥1500.

What is less endearing is the fact that all regular figures will, just like the Kämpfer in Assault Kingdom, come in two different configurations, meaning there will be two versions of each one. This typically translates to different equipment so you will end up having to spend the double just to get a complete figure. Char's MS-06 will come with a bazooka in one box, and with an anti-ship rifle in another and so on. And if you consider that out of the eight different mobile suits in the first two waves, only one can be used to army build this is totally lame and disrespectful to the customers.

Based on the available box artwork on the wave one page it also looks like Universal Unit might be a blind box series. Wow, this has all the hallmarks of frustrating experience written all over it. I can only hope that things won't start out that bad, as the series seems to have a lot of nice things going for it as far as the actual figures are concerned. Still on the fence about joining in, but wave two does seem quite tempting. I guess the price will be the deciding factor once we see what the distributors are expecting us to pay up.

Universal Unit premieres in August and Gundanium Gateway are currently keeping track of all known figures on the Assault Kingdom page.

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  1. UH-OH....really forcing me to buy these by sticking Gundam X in there! You so rarely see any attention given to Gundam X.