Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Converge Gossip : White Base Project

Looking back at this spring's Shokugan releases I was starting to feel a bit relieved. There were a couple of really pricey Converge figures released (with one yet to appear), supported by another couple of expensive Universal Unit releases. Should have known it was time for Bandai to drop another bomb!

There is a rather secretive post on the Gundam Shokugan blog, hinting at another jubilee release. To commemorate 150 different mobile suits and mobile armors Bandai and FusionWorks are apparently green-lighting a very ambitious project; a Converge version of the SCV-70 White Base assault carrier.

So far we don't know anything more than this. Are FW shooting for a functional "to-scale" vessel or a mascot-sized carrier with tiny mobile suits the size of a Converge figure's hand? And how much is this abomination going to sell for? We'll just have to keep waiting for more information...

UPDATE as of May 12

In other news, Bandai also launched Converge Station, a portal with information specific to the Gundam Converge brand. This sounds a bit more spectacular than it really is; since it is only a subpage of the existing Shokugan Portal page. Still, it is a good filter for those only interested in what happens in this particular brand.

At launch there wasn't a whole lot of information present, although there are some sneak peeks of things coming in the latter half of 2017. The Gundam Sentinel timeline is getting a couple more figures which should be welcome news among the fans, it remains just to see what mobile suits will be chosen.

There is also a hint of another new figure in the works, that readers on the blog have identified as the main protagonist from G Gundam. Not sure if this ruffles your feathers or not but the Converge Station blog author seems pretty stoked about it at least...

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