Tuesday, 18 July 2017

We're going super-deformed!

Although the Gundanium Gateway website is primarily focused on Shokugan Gundam candy toys it hasn't stopped us from acquiring and also reviewing the odd Gashapon figure here and there. You know how it is, one or two finds their way inadvertently into your collection, maybe as filler in a lot you called in on eBay (or maybe an unscrupulous seller passed on unsellable freebees with your order, seeding their own future market). Before you know it you sit with half a dozen cute little figures that end up on your desk. In the beginning I sold off such items but with all the hassle of peddling a few random figures for virtually no money I decided I might as well keep them around...

Since we have had a couple of SD-themed reviews on the site as of late (and no doubt more will follow) I wanted to have a place to hang the reviews for easy reference, so the new check list page was born. While far from complete we'll be adding more data to it piecemeal to make it serve as a suitable reference guide.

You can find the new check list among the other tabs here on the blog.


  1. Great news!! Surely it will help a lot.
    Do you plan to include the Ensemble series? They look very good too.

    Anyway, thanks!

  2. They are a bit borderline but could work on the list. So far I only have an unassembled G-Fighter though. :)

  3. Check out this site https://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/tamaoh/folder/931318.html I think it is one of the most comprehensive listings of SD gashapon.