Sunday, 24 June 2018

The latest Gahsapon Senshi Forte news...

Gashapon Senshi Forte volume 06 is ready for release and will be getting company in July by a reissue of the first set, volume 01. That set is being relaunched as 1.5 with new figure numbers F038-F043 which looks a bit weird if these are indeed simple reissues. The only apparent difference from the below image is that the Banshee Norn appears to be coming in Awake colours instead of standard Destroy Mode gold.

Judging from the words of the SF development lead Kawa, the first set has been in somewhat demand for a while so they deemed it a good opportunity to reissue the figures. Presumably because the set came and went before Senshi Forte blew up and became a thing. He also reiterates in the blog entry that the Gashapon Senshi Forte figures are not staying within their budgeted manufacturing costs but that this is being balanced by the fact that they sell really well.

In further news, a double SD Gundam character set is planned for Senshi Forte EX05; the Full Armror Knight Gundam and the Black Dragon. The next regular Senshi Forte set, volume seven, is also already underway, with the Aile Strike Gundam being the only namedropped member so far.

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