Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The latest Gundam Gframe news...

I must confess that I thought that we had heard the last from this Gundam Shokugan series, Gframe. That unholy combination of an expensive model kit sold in multiple candy toy boxes. Bandai had so far unveiled three sets of figures with the last volume scheduled for September. I had expected the series to peacefully go to sleep after that. Instead, Bandai decides to go really big with a massive S-Gundam/Ex-S Gundam special release.

This monstruous release is scheduled for October with a price set at ¥4500, where a basic Gframe figure costs ¥1000 (you need to purchase an A and a B box at ¥500 each to build a complete figure). Although I can see no mention or link on the release page that this would be a P-Bandai item, the url of the figure ends ominously with "pb01".

Is there any love for the Gframe series out there? I haven't heard much about it and decided to steer clear of these figures myself since they are not size compatible with the other 1/220 Shokugan figures. For a bit of 1/220 action you can still get a really nice looking S-Gundam as well as two versions of the Ex-S Gundam in the STANDart series already.

More photos of the Gframe S/Ex-S Gundam figures are found on this Bandai blog page.

The regular Gframe figure series lineup currently features nine mobile suits.

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  1. I would say this is a very stylish way to leave the scene. I am hoping it will end too, since the gimmicks seem do not work, but I collected them anyway. Definitely would get this beast too.