Thursday, 9 August 2018

The latest MS Ensemble news...

Mobile Suit Ensemble will do another set revival, reissuing the mobile suits of Part 03 under the new name of Part 3.5. This set will continue repainted versions of the original figures; a Titans official colour Hazel TR-1 as well as the Zeta Gundam and the Acguy in "Marking Plus" versions. The latter two mainly resemble Converge CORE figures which are brought back with a couple of extra lines and dashes painted on them. Ensemble Part 3.5 is scheduled for release in November.

Meanwhile Bandai are gearing up to begin distribution of MS Ensemble Part 07 come the last days of August. It contains the evegreen RX-178 in A.E.U.G. colours (will we see a very pricy triple Titans set in the Premium Bandai catalogue soon?) paired up with the G-Defenser, as well as the Londo Bell Re-GZ and a Geara Doga sparring partner. The weapon set will contain head variations for the Doga (as if building an army of Dogas would be that simple) and its Heavy Weapons Type long range gun. This particular Doga is also set for a limited release on the C3 Hobby Show, however as one of those clear single colour figures, this time in black.

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