Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The latest Converge news...

Two new releases confirmed on the Bandai Shokugan portal today; seems like we are going to take another round at Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. If these two won't sell like hot cake I don't know what will:

Milk that puppy!
We have a new Sinanju with a "full weapon set" coming as a retail figure (EX23) priced at ¥2200 and a new CORE outing of the Full Armor Unicorn with price set at ¥2700. Both are planned for release in August. It seems odd for a new figure to be released as CORE only (normally you'd expect a retail figure first, followed by the CORE version a while later...), I seriously hope this is not the old EX02 Unicorn figure taken for a new spin.

The gear choices for these mobile suits promises to be something extra and it also looks like the figures will feature optional feet (similar to the Ex-S Gundam) for when they are sitting on the new action bases.

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