Friday, 20 July 2018

The latest Gashapon news...

Today Bandai's development head Kawa posted some new updates on the Gashapon blog. Here are some news for the Mobile Suit Ensemble and Gashapon Senshi Forte figure series.

On the Mobile Suit Ensemble side the Gundam F91 has been revealed as well as the next EX figure, which will be the Sazabi together with a Re-GZ B.W.S. flight system. This reminds me of the premium Sazabi pack they made for the Assault Kingdom line back in the day, which also bundled the Sazabi with some accessories for the Nu Gundam and the Re-GZ. The Re-GZ itself is set for inclusion in the next regular figure set, Mobile Suit Ensemble Vol. 07.

The Sazabi and B.W.S. set is already up on the P-Bandai website. The price is ¥4200 and it is expected to ship in November 2018. Apparently it will also be available in a bundle with the new Senshi Forte EX05 figure.

And as for Senshi Forte, Kawa reports that the latest regular set (volume 06) has performed very well and is nearly sold out. The prototypes for Volume 07 are being revealed at the C3 hobby show and will consist of four SEED mobile suits and the eyebrow-raisingly named Satan Gundam.

sf07: Aile Strike Gundam, Buster Gundam, Miguel Ayman's Custom GINN, a mass production GINN and the SD Gaiden Satan Gundam. Not sure if there will be more figures in the set, typically six figures would be expected. In the background some of the sf1.5 reissue figures can be seen together with the Mobile Suit Ensemble Re-GZ, Geara Doga and RX-178.

Finally a new EX figure is also being announced for Senshi Forte. The EX05 two-pack featuring the Full Armor Knight Gundam vs. the Monster Black Dragon, another pair of SD characters celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the SD mythos. The set is up on the P-Bandai website selling for ¥3980 and is also expected to ship in November.

Lots of nice stuff to look forward to as far as I am concerned. :)

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